Google Business Pages

Can’t anyone create a Google Business Page?  Why do I need Xizzee to do it?

Of course anyone can create a Google Business Page; however, too many businesses create their accounts incorrectly, thus minimizing the positive marketing features available through Google Business Pages.  Xizzee can construct a new or redesign an existing Google Business Page for you.    For a small fee, it is worth it.

Xizzee can also assist you in formatting your business logo to meet the size restrictions.  A poorly cropped and formatted logo makes a business look unprofessional.

In addition to logo formatting, Xizzee can help you look as professional as possible in your profile picture.  There is nothing worse than a grainy, blurry, unprofessional profile picture placed next to every post you create.  Let Xizzee raise your level of professionalism.

What if I want to learn how to create my Google Business Page myself?Give a man a fish...

Good for you for wanting to take the bull by the horns.  There are many pages on the Internet that you can read through to learn how to do this, or Xizzee can train you.  Training is one of Xizzee’s main focuses to help you #harnessthepower of the Internet.  Just contact to schedule your training time.  This is set up as a guide-on-the-side training, so you will work on your own computer or tablet while Eileen walks you through all of the steps.  As a 31 year educator, Eileen has the patience of a saint and knows how to break things down into little parts to save you from being overwhelmed.

Once Xizzee creates my Google Business Page, how will I learn to use it?

Because Xizzee strives to help small businesses succeed, it focuses on making its clients as independent as possible.  Why would Xizzee do that? Doesn’t making customers independent means Xizzee won’t make any more money off of them?  Yes; however, we want to help you help yourselves  Most people who have been genuinely helped will make recommendations to other small business owners we can help, so it’s a win-win situation.  Honestly, we don’t want to do the work for you unless you absolutely want us to.   Therefore, Xizzee offers different tiers of service.

What are the service tiers Xizzee offers for Google Business Pages?

Because small business owners come with various levels of technical expertise, Xizzee addresses all of them.

Tier 1: Google Business Page Creation
You can purchase the creation of a Google Business Page that you will maintain yourself.

Tier 2: Google Business Page Creation & Training
You can purchase the creation of a Google Business Page with 1 hour of training on how you will maintain it on your own.  Additional training can be purchased a-la-carte.  All training takes place at your place of business on your technology to ensure you are comfort level with all steps ultimate success.

Tier 3: Google Business Page with Maintenance
You might not want to maintain your own Google Business Page, so Xizzee can create it and maintain it for you.  Updates will be billed by the quarter hour.