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2019 Best of Summerville Award

2019 Best of Summerville Web Design Award.

Web Design

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Website Design & Hosting

Your Partner in Website Design and Construction Creating a website is like designing a new home; a lot of unseen work goes into it from behind the scenes.  Xizzee knows how difficult it is to create a website, so we’ve created a seven-phase process to help you through all parts of designing and constructing your […]

SEO - to help people find you

What is SEO? What exactly does search engine optimization mean?  Well, first of all, nobody wants to say all of that, so the acronym SEO is used more commonly.  Search engines are what find your page, so you want to optimize or improve as best you can its chances of being found when certain keywords […]

Improving Social Media Marketing

Did you know that tweets with an image attached garner up to 150% more re-tweets, and 89% more likes than a post without an image? Did you know that 87% of the posts shared on Facebook are photos? (March 02, 2016 Irfan Ahmad) Social media marketing can be very confusing and overwhelming especially if you are just starting out […]

The Power of Pictures in Social Media

The Power of Pictures in Social Media

People love pictures.  They ooooo and ahhhhhh over them; they stop to look at them; they reminisce over them. Knowing this is quite advantageous when you are trying to get people's attention.  Because your social media postings need pictures, this infographic is your new best friend.  Download it, and keep it handy.  When you want it, you'll be so glad you did. You can also find more infographics at Visualistan

Why should I pay someone to make my website when there are so many cheap Do-It-Yourself website companies out there? 

There are two reasons why it pays to hire a professional: 1) it will look professional, and 2) it will be completed. How many projects have you done around your house that you regret doing?  You paid for all of the materials, took the time to complete the project, and when it was finished you realize that you lost money on the materials, and you lost time.  Some people are better hiring professionals. How many unfinished projects do you have at home waiting for your attention?  Me, too! I have...

Getting Customer Reviews

88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations - Myles Anderson, SearchEngineLand   With 88% of consumers going online to find reviews, it is imperative that you collect customer reviews.  Some small business owners are crafty and instinctively know how to collect customer reviews, but many of us are in the dark as to how to do this easily and efficiently. Tips on Collecting Customer Online Reviews The best time to get a customer review is before the customer...

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