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Creating a website is like designing a new home; a lot of unseen work goes into it from behind the scenes.  Xizzee knows how difficult it is to create a website, so we’ve created a seven-phase process to help you through all parts of designing and constructing your website.

Seven-Phase Website Development Process 

Phase I: Business needs determination (Pre-contract)

Before starting your website, Xizzee completes a full review of your business sector and your competitors on the Internet.  Xizzee then discusses the business owner’s needs and goals for the website.  Some might want just one basic page, some three, other up to 20.

Phase 2: No-Surprise Contract

Xizzee takes the time to explain how many pages the site will have and how that is priced in the contract.  There are many options available to a customer, and Xizzee strives to lay them all out, so there are no surprises.  Some items are flat fees while others are a-la-carte.

Phase 3: Collecting Content 

This phase is most difficult for business owners because s/he must sit down and write out all of the text that will be on the site.  Because some business owners are not confident in this area, Xizzee works in 1 hour of coaching to draw the information out of the owner.  Extra coaching is available for a fee if necessary, but it is worth it to get the information written down and ready for the next phase.

Textual Website Content

Xizzee provides a blank outline for business partners to fill out.  It can be shared via paper and pencil or electronically via Google Drive.  Xizzee will support each business partner in whichever method s/he is most comfortable.

Graphical Website Content

Customers are very visual, so it is important to have a visually appealing website.  The trend now is for large high quality photos with smaller accent photos and graphics.  Xizzee will set up collection space online for you to store and label your photos.  If you would prefer to leave the choices up to Xizzee and its graphic designer, that is fine, too.  In the end, Xizzee will ensure that you have a beautiful, inviting website for your customers to visit.

Phase 4: Layout

Xizzee takes over at this point.  Once the content is complete, the visuals begin.  The layout includes colors, font style, font size, headings, and graphics.  If samples or templates are available, they will be shown at this time.  Once a basic layout is agreed upon, the content inclusion begins.

Phase 5: Customer review and feedback

To ease the business partner’s mind, Xizzee shows periodic updates to get feedback to ensure partner satisfaction.  One major change and three minor changes are included in the contract.  Because these changes can be very time intensive, additional changes are available a-la-carte.  This phase is usually the longest based on partner satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied and proud of your site, Xizzee’s job is not complete.  Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Phase 6: Hosting and Email Settings

If a business partner already has email with another hosting company and wants to keep it there, Xizzee can make this happen.  If you want everything to be in one place, Xizzee offers a minimum of 5 email addresses to be set up at this time.

Phase 7: Website Submission to Search Engines

The final phase ensures that your site can be found by the three major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In this final phase, Xizzee creates a sitemap of your completed, approved site, registers it with the three major search engines, and submits it for indexing.