Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities for You, Your Business, and Your Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerces, Business Networking International, and other Business Networking Groups can benefit from booking Xizzee to educate its members.  Training sessions are available from 30 minute highlights to multiple one-hour workshops and everything in between.  Xizzee provides educational materials with follow-up training available for small or large groups or individuals.

Exposing the Secrets – How to improve your Google Page Ranking

  • In this 90 minute session, you will get the run-down on the top issues Google looks for when ranking your page and deciding whether you belong on the first page or the 100th page of a Google Search.  Each item will be listed with a brief explanation of what it is and how difficult it is to do on your own.
  • Follow-up individual sessions are available assess the company website and page ranking.

Blogging to Reach More Customers

  • In this 1 hour session, blogging will be explained with a list of do and don’t items.  If you are not a strong writer but you have good ideas to share, find a copy editor to proofread your blog before publishing it.  Don’t let your fears stop you from utilizing this wonderful marketing tool.
  • Follow-up one-on-one sessions are available to analyze your writing and give you individualized attention and feedback.  This can only be done on an individual basis to give each person the full attention of the trainer.

Facebook for Business Part 1: How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

  • In this 90 minute session, each person will create his/her own Business Facebook Page.  We will go through the steps together, each deciding which features works for his/her particular business.  Too many business owners are not aware of the problems created when a business page is set up like a personal page.  Because this is a hands-on session, each participant must bring a laptop or tablet to use, and the session is limited to 12-15 participants.  A minimum of 8 participants is required for this to run.

Facebook for Business Part 2: How to Create a Post That Gets Read

  • Once the Facebook Business Page is set up, it’s time to start posting, but what makes a good post and who is watching? This 60 minute  session focuses on how to gain a following who will see and share your posts.  It also covers good posts vs. bad posts and how to avoid the pitfalls of bad posts. The goal here is for your post to be so compelling that others want to share it with their friends.  What are the tricks to this art?  A laptop or tablet is highly recommended but is not required to learn how to create a strong post.
  • Follow-up one-on-one sessions are available to analyze your writing and give you individualized attention and feedback.  This can only be done on an individual basis to give each person the full attention of the trainer.

Facebook for Business Part 3: How to Utilize the Business Marketing Features

  • Now that you have a Facebook Business Page and you know how to build a following and create a strong post, you might decide you need some help boosting your post to expand your audience.  This 60 minute session introduces Facebook marketing tools such as delayed postings, post boosting, and advertisements available for free and for a fee.  You can decide what your business needs and how Facebook can help you reach your goals.

Twitter for Business Part 1: To Tweet or Not To Tweet? (60 minutes)

  • Twitter is exploding as a marketing tool with young and middle aged alike.  If your customer base consists of the elderly and AARP, this tool is probably not for your business.  Conversely, if you want to market to the young, hip, techies, Twitter is right for you.  In this 60 minute session, Twitter will be dissected for you to see how to create your account, what the restrictions are for names, descriptions, and postings, and how you can use Twitter to impress Google in your Page Ranking.  You do not have to have a Twitter account set up; in fact, it is probably better that you wait until after the class to set it up.

Twitter for Business Part 2: What Makes a Good Tweet? (90 minutes)

  • “Tweeting” is what you do on Twitter.  With only 140 characters at your disposal, tweeting is not intuitive, so it takes some practice.  In this session, we use a new technology called Back Channel to practice tweeting and give one another feedback about our practice tweets.  As a chamber or business networking group, it is beneficial to follow one another and retweet one another’s tweets.
  • The second part of this session covers hashtags, how to do them, and why they are important.  Once again, we will return to the Back Channel to practice tweeting with hashtags as our focus.

Twitter for Business Part 3: Can I Tweet for Marketing and Improved Page Ranking (90 minutes)

  • Now that you know how to tweet properly for your business, it is time to apply strategy to your tweets.  In the first 60 minutes, you will learn how to use Twitter and your business group for digital networking to increase your own and one another’s rankings by linking properly and efficiently.  You will also learn how to embed your tweets on your website, so they appear there automatically.  The final 30 minutes will cover advanced linking to other sources such as your or another’s website,  blog, or Facebook page to get more coverage.  The use of QR codes, Google URL Shortener, and will be introduced briefly.