Eileen cheerfully let me be not so very tech savvy–twice! Each time she helped me set up a blog, she taught me a few helpful little computer tricks and never once rolled her eyes. Well, if she did, she did so very discreetly. Recommended? Absolutely.
-Scott Kaple, Retired Teacher and Successful Blogger


About xizzee

Eileen is a veteran public school English and Computer Science teacher. She discovered HTML in the late 90's, taught herself, and then proceeded to teach her students. Eileen designed, constructed, and maintained multiple full-school websites and then decided to help small business owners like her husband who is self-employed. Eileen is preparing to retire from teaching but will not leave education entirely. She plans on running her three businesses full time. Xizzee is her website business; K-12 Data is her educational data analysis business; and Cultivating the Learning is her educational consulting business which cultivates innovation in the classroom K-12 through 1:1 technology in the classroom. Eileen is presently a Technology Instructional Coach in a major school district helping 44 teachers adopt 1:1 learning in the classroom using Chromebooks and iPads.