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2019 Best of Summerville Award

2019 Best of Summerville Web Design Award.

Web Design

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Website Design & Hosting

Your Partner in Website Design and Construction Creating a website is like designing a new home; a lot of unseen work goes into it from behind the scenes.  Xizzee knows how difficult it is to create a website, so we’ve created a seven-phase process to help you through all parts of designing and constructing your […]

SEO - to help people find you

What is SEO? What exactly does search engine optimization mean?  Well, first of all, nobody wants to say all of that, so the acronym SEO is used more commonly.  Search engines are what find your page, so you want to optimize or improve as best you can its chances of being found when certain keywords […]

Improving Social Media Marketing

Did you know that tweets with an image attached garner up to 150% more re-tweets, and 89% more likes than a post without an image? Did you know that 87% of the posts shared on Facebook are photos? (March 02, 2016 Irfan Ahmad) Social media marketing can be very confusing and overwhelming especially if you are just starting out […]

Helping Customers Create Website Content

Helping Customers Create Website Content

Being a teacher of 27 years, I approach problems differently than most people (to the chagrin of my husband).  You see, I am a problem fixer.  If something is broken, I analyze it, break it down, and fix it.  Having this skill was very handy in education because if a student didn't understand something, I would figure out a way to help him understand. "What does this have to do with helping customers create copy for their website?" you ask.  Well, I was recently working with a client to create...

Pros and Cons to Using Dreamweaver Software

Pros and Cons to Using Dreamweaver Software

Dreamweaver is a high end website generator that utilizes HTML and CSS.  HTML stands for hypertext markup language.  CSS stand for cascading style sheets.  The first allows web designers to create a page that can be read on the Internet.  The second give you the beautiful style you want and allows website designers to change all pages by making a change to the CSS file. The benefit to using Dreamweaver is that there is much more flexibility to create a website that is genuinely unique.  While...

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

WordPress is a free system you can use to create your websites.  Just because it is free does not mean it will be easy.  Both are extremely time consuming to learn to use, and many DIYers start their page and then leave it up on the Web reading "Hello World."  This is the default page for the first page of any WordPress site.  If you do not have a lot of time or an undying curiosity to learn how to create websites, you should not tackle this on your own. There are two versions of WordPress....

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