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How Can I Promote My Business Offline?

Kristine Schaffer of Schaffer Marketing

Kristine Schaffer of Schaffer Marketing

Xizzee focuses on websites and digital media marketing to help its customers.  In order to assist its customers in other marketing needs, Xizzee has partnered with Schaffer Marketing in Summerville to meet your non-digital marketing needs.  Kristine Schaffer will assist you personally.  Just tell her Xizzee sent you.

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What are some digital marketing tools I can use in my business?

  1. QR code for print mediaXizzee QR Code
    • business cards
    • brochures
    • federal skills page
    • magnets
  2. QR codes for dynamic and static messaging
    • changing, dynamic text messages
    • static text messages
    • photos
    • jokes
    • questions
    • audio and video messages
    • hot deals