Dreamweaver is a high end website generator that utilizes HTML and CSS.  HTML stands for hypertext markup language.  CSS stand for cascading style sheets.  The first allows web designers to create a page that can be read on the Internet.  The second give you the beautiful style you want and allows website designers to change all pages by making a change to the CSS file.

The benefit to using Dreamweaver is that there is much more flexibility to create a website that is genuinely unique.  While there are pre-made templates that can be used, the flexibility is so much greater than WordPress.  The customer can ask for a change, and generally the designer can make the change in HTML or CSS.

The cons to using Dreamweaver are twofold.  First, the owner of the site generally cannot edit the page himself or herself because it takes technical knowledge of HTML and CSS.  The second con is that the web constructor would have to optimize the page by hand, and this is time consuming.